Hello! Here we are in a new year. The days are getting longer as I write this. With most appearances cancelled last year, it was a quiet time with just a few smaller comic cons and car shows which I enjoyed. I love seeing friends and fans and miss everyone. I have already lined up a few shows for this year: Carmel in April for a Doris Day birthday celebration, Boston in July, maybe Chicago. Be sure to check my Appearances page every month. I would love to meet you!

What I am most excited about this year is my part in a new sci-fi to be released later this year call Colonials. I am the voice of Spark, a robot who is the protector and best friend to the star of the film. The producer/director sought me out for the role because he wanted to recreate the Timmy and Lassie relationship. This time around, I am Lassie!! It was a terrific experience; and the film is so exciting. You can see the trailer for it here:

Otherwise, the life of this grandfather  ' G-Pa '  is pretty wonderful. Laurie and I babysit and host sleepovers and we love it! We are vaxed and boosted and remaining cautious. We are happy, healthy and feeling very blessed. You have a lot to do with that. So, stay well and stay in touch! All my best, 

- Jon

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